15-Year Warranty

A Warranty You Can Trust

ForeverLawn is proud to offer our Closed Loop Warranty System (CLWS) with each project, providing peace of mind in a lasting investment.  Our system provides in-depth project records which catalog specific product runs, production and installation dates, and other assorted details to identify the exact source of any issue that may arise.
ForeverLawn is committed to providing superior solutions and we recognize this responsibility goes beyond the product itself.  Thats why each ForeverLawn dealer provides a 2-year installation warranty, integrated with the installation support and expertise provided in our Closed Loop Warranty System.
As a company older than the warranty provided, you can rest assured that we know what we’re promising: a partnership lasting the lifespan of your project and beyond.

What Makes Our warranty stand out?

  • Ultimate satisfaction.
  • True peace of mind.
  • Online warranty registration.
  • Superior tracking.
  • Full transferability.
  • “Closes the loop” between customer, installer, and manufacturer.
The ForeverLawn CLWS is a thorough warranty system backing up an already superior ForeverLawn artificial grass product.  Our commitment also goes beyond the paper as our repair services extend outside of the warranty coverage, so long as it’s a ForeverLawn product.

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