Playground Grass™

With Playground Grass, play runs wild and free once again. Vibrant colors and engaging textures bring play to life like never before. Innovative accessibility promises no child is left behind. It’s safe and clean — but most importantly, it’s fun.

Breaking Down Our Playground Grass™ Offerings

Playground Grass™ artificial turf strives to deliver a near-natural feel of authentic grass. Here’s what sets our products apart from all others:


When you invest in a playground, you want to be sure it provides maximum safety for as long as possible. Playground Grass™ lasts longer than most safety surfacing you’ll find, and it comes backed by our 15-year warranty.


There’s enough mess in life without the added grime on kids, clothes, and floors after being on the playground. Other surfaces such as mulch, sand, or even other synthetic grass with exposed crumb rubber leave kids a mess. Playground Grass™, on the other hand, offers a clean, easy-to-maintain surface. It’s a unitary surface that requires very little infill, and in some cases, none.


Playground Grass™ passes the ASTM 1951 test for ADA accessibility, meaning that wheelchairs can easily roll across it. And we don’t just have our product tested in the lab. We go the extra mile to ensure it actually works for the long haul in real-world use. Proprietors are proud to offer a truly accessible playground surfaced with Playground Grass™.


Some surfaces build up static, which is annoying when you get shocked, and may interfere with cochlear implants and other electronic devices. Playground Grass Ultra™ is the only playground surface on the market with XStatic™ anti-static technology built into the blades.


We all know it’s natural for kids to be gross sometimes. They get sick, they have accidents; it happens. And if it’s not the kids, it’s the weather. We can’t stop these things from happening, but with the anti microbial properties of Playground Grass Ultra™, you can inhibit the growth of bacteria on your turf. And as the blades wear, the more the antimicrobial action is released.


Since the invention of Playground Grass™ in 2004, we have strived to not only meet the minimums needed for safety but to surpass them! ForeverLawn continues to invest in research and development to provide the best fall protection available to all who play on our products.

Foreverlawn Funscapes, Multi Colored And Multi Shaped Artificial Grass Playgounds


Complete playground solutions that combine PlayMounds™, Funserts™, and different types of turf to create fun, creative, and engaging play areas.

Foreverlawn Playmound, A Raised Ground-Like Surface With Artificial Turf Atop For Children'S Playing


Prefabricated foam mounds that add contour and creativity to the playground landscape. A safe, cushioned, and long-lasting innovation.

Foreverlawn Funserts, Artificial Grass With Inlaid Designs


Combining synthetic grass and design elements including hopscotch, numbers, letters, and more, for an interactive playground experience.

Foreverlawn Fuzzy Friends, Large Playground Playthings

Fuzzy Friends

Sensory characters designed for preschools and early childhood development centers to encourage imaginative play with colorful, tactile mounds.

Save Money With Our Playground Grass™

Not only does our Playground Grass™ save on maintenance and repair costs compared to other premium resilient safety surfacing options, but it also improves the quality of play and outdoor experiences. It’s an investment that pays for itself in many ways, from safety to accessibility. Our Playground Grass™ is more than a product; it’s an investment in your children’s happiness.

Ensuring Playground Safety With Synthetic Grass

Safety is at the forefront of our product design. Our Playground Grass™ is designed with child safety in mind and inclusive of additional protective measures. The inclusion of a cushion layer and long-lasting firmness makes our playground turf perfect for a variety of play activities.

Every blade of this turf is designed using innovative technologies, diligently considering all safety parameters to curtail injuries from falls, trips and slips. Additionally, our product includes defensive measures extending far beyond the industry standards.

  • Durable, with a 15-year warranty.
  • Easy to clean, with little to no infill.
  • Passes ASTM 1951 test for ADA accessibility.
  • XStatic™ antistatic technology built into the blades.

One of our distinct safety features is the inclusion of a supplementary cushion layer. This not only promotes a zero-shock effect upon impact, making it safer in the event of accidental tumbles but also promotes a more comfortable play experience under the foot. This innovative layer mitigates the hardness of the ground, thus providing an extra-ergonomic surface that safeguards the ever-active, bouncing, and running around little ones.

Artificial Grass For Playgrounds: An Economical Choice

Playground Grass™ is designed to elevate safety and reduce maintenance costs for playgrounds. Unlike traditional rubber resilient surfaces such as Poured-In-Place, rubber tiles, or rubber mulch, Playground Grass™ offers a comparable upfront cost while surpassing them with a higher critical fall height rating, up to an impressive 15 feet. This means enhanced protection for children during playtime activities.

One of the key advantages lies in its innovative seaming system, which not only ensures a seamless surface but also contributes to lower maintenance requirements and reduced repair costs over time. With it, playground owners can enjoy lush, vibrant greenery year-round without the hassle of constant upkeep. By choosing this turf, you’re investing in a reliable and durable safety surface that sets a new standard for playgrounds, blending superior protection with practicality and long-term savings.

Comprehensive Warranty

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is further reflected in our comprehensive warranty. Our warranty covers not only the cost of the artificial grass itself but also the installation process. We stand by the quality of our products and the integrity of our installation procedures.

Hassle-Free Turf Installation

We understand that DIY can be overly time-consuming and imprecise. That’s why our experts are always ready to provide installation service. Our in-house team will precisely lay the artificial grass to reduce seams or patches and maintain consistent appearance.

The combination of knowledge and experience acquired through relentless dedication to our work has enabled us to assemble a team of reliable professionals. When you entrust your installation needs to us, rest assured, our competent specialists will devote unwavering focus on the task, ensuring that each blade of artificial grass is laid out meticulously.

Our precision-driven approach minimizes the chances of, what could otherwise be, noticeable seams or patches. This painstaking attention to detail allows us to guarantee a beautifully consistent appearance of your lawn, mirroring the natural variant in virtually every way.

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