A hotel rooftop with green space including artificial golf grass

Hotel Management Magazine On ForeverLawn Fusion

Hotel Management Magazine, a major hospitality industry publication, highlighted ForeverLawn (and specifically its Fusion line of nylon-based artificial grass) as an ideal product hotels can use to maintain attractive lawns.

In New Flooring Products Make Hotels Look Like Home, author Jena Tesse Fox says that maintaining pristine lawns at hotels presents a perennial challenge, exacerbated by the unpredictable fluctuations in weather conditions throughout the year. ForeverLawn, headquartered in Louisville, Ohio, offers a compelling solution with its range of artificial turf, swiftly gaining favor among hotels, allowing guests to tread upon synthetic greenery sans the inconvenience of soiled footwear.

A notable addition to ForeverLawn’s repertoire in recent times is its Fusion line, distinguished by its composition of nylon—a departure from the prevalent use of polyethylene in most natural-looking artificial turfs. Jim Karmie, the landscape brand leader at ForeverLawn, elaborates, “Polyethylene, being softer in texture, typically imparts a more natural appearance, whereas nylon may exhibit a subtle sheen.” To mitigate this, the Fusion line undergoes an extrusion process that diminishes the shine, lending it an aesthetic akin to polyethylene products.

Of paramount importance is the enhanced heat resistance offered by nylon-based artificial turf, a feature underscored by Karmie. With the proliferation of buildings incorporating “low-E” glass windows, engineered to reflect heat, the resilience of turf becomes pivotal. Karmie explains that while polyethylene lawns may succumb to distortion or contraction under temperatures exceeding 200 degrees due to reflected heat, the nylon variant demonstrates resilience, remaining unaffected until temperatures surpass 400 degrees.


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