A dog plays in a backyard surfaced with ForeverLawn's pet-friendly K9Grass artificial turf

K9Grass Named “Standout Solution”

GB&D magazine (Green Building & Design) recently showcased ForeverLawn® in an insightful piece titled “Elevating Turf Solutions: Innovations Beyond the Norm” authored by Laura Rote.

According to the article, ForeverLawn adopts a problem-solving approach across its spectrum of offerings, encompassing bespoke products, installation techniques, and ongoing maintenance protocols. The company identified unmet demands within the synthetic turf sector and committed to crafting tailored responses that not only address these needs but also deliver multifaceted advantages. The author added:

  • Standout Solution: Highlighting standout solutions like K9Grass®, engineered specifically for canine companions, and the innovative ForeverLawn Fusion® catering to areas susceptible to heat retention issues, each tailored to meet diverse requirements.
  • Cutting-edge Research and Development: Delving into the intricate design rationale behind ForeverLawn’s flagship products, such as the incorporation of XStatic™ antistatic technology in Playground Grass Ultra and the integration of AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection in K9Grass.
  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Tracing the roots of ForeverLawn back to the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Brian and Dale Karmie, who, dissatisfied with the standardized approach prevalent in the turf industry, embarked on a quest to redefine norms. The article chronicles their path to success and the evolution of the ForeverLawn brand.

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