K9Grass is the synthetic grass designed specifically for dogs. Create cleaner, safer, better-smelling spaces for your dogs with this innovative line of synthetic grass by ForeverLawn.

Premium Quality K9Grass® By ForeverLawn

At ForeverLawn, our synthetic K9Grass® is meticulously engineered to create the ideal artfical grass for your beloved pets. With its aesthetically pleasing appeal akin to natural grass, the synthetic dog turf integrates seamlessly with any landscape design.

  • Engineered for optimal safety.
  • Contributes positively to the health and wellness of pets.
  • Created with exceptional durability, able to withstand the rigors of active pets.

Pet Grass with Exceptional Drainage

ForeverLawn’s proprietary Flow-Through Backing™ provides edge-to-edge draining capabilities, yielding drainage rates 100 times that of typical turf, allowing urine to pass through quickly. Coupled with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology, our pet turf makes rinsing and sanitation quick and easy.

Designed For Durability, Safety & Performance

Stepping away from conventional materials, our synthetic grass exhibits superior performance characteristics. The artificial turf’s inherent durability and resilience make it an excellent choice for pet owners. It remains plush and natural in appearance, despite constant exposure to active paws and claws, addressing the major challenges of maintaining a lawn in busy households with pets.

Additionally, the artificial turf we offer is fortified with UV protection. This additional layer acts as a seal that retains the brilliant luscious green color, defying the often harsh effects of prolonged sun exposure. Altogether, you can bask in a consistently enchanting outdoor view, regardless of the time of year or level of pet activity.

A Cleaner, Easier Backyard with K9Grass®

With our K9Grass®, damage inflicted by digging animals, and muddy paws will become a thing of the past. The product has been crafted keeping in mind the actions and tendencies of pets, yielding a surface that can endure both their energetic antics and the inevitable wear and tear.

Secure Your Investment With Our Warranty

Trust us to stand by the quality of our product. Our synthetic grass comes with a comprehensive warranty that underscores our confidence in its durability and performance. We invite our customers to invest in our K9Grass® with absolute assurance of its longevity.

The Industry-Leading Las Vegas Pet Grass

Experience the joys of owning a vibrant, low-maintenance lawn that your pets will love. Delight in the freedom our K9Grass® offers, free from worries about maintenance, water expenses, and most importantly, the happiness of your pets.

Opt for ForeverLawn’s pet turf to transform your Las Vegas, NV home into a pet-friendly paradise. Contact us today to get a free quote for K9Grass®.

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